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New Year’s Resolution: Less Palm Oil, More Tigers

by David Bass |

It’s that time of year when people pledge to make significant changes, like pledging to eat fewer marshmallows or ride more miles on bikes that go nowhere. While we all make these pronouncements with good intentions, most New Year’s Resolutions crash and burn before February. (Seriously, Google it. It’s science.) Fortunately, there’s a resolution you can make that is easy to stick to and makes tigers happy. All you have to do is resolve to switch to palm-oil-free soap in 2021.

Many soap manufacturers rely on palm oil to stretch their supply of other oils -- the kind that actually moisturize. Palm oil doesn’t actually benefit your skin at all. It just acts as cheap filler so that manufacturers can charge you more while giving you less. Palm oil ends up in a lot of processed foods, too -- and it’s not there to provide nutritional value.

As bad as that sounds, palm oil is a leading cause of deforestation in places like Indonesia, where some of the world’s last tigers live. Tigers have some of the most enviable hair on Earth, yet they are vanishing because the demand for palm oil chips away at their habitat. It’s a totally raw deal for one of our planet’s most magnificent creatures.

However, there is something you can do for tigers in 2021 (and beyond), and it’s the kind of resolution you can stick to past President’s Day. Switch to palm oil free soap and you’ll help reduce the global demand for it, and maybe save a few tigers. Six months from now, when everyone else has forgotten all about whatever they were going to do (or stop doing) in January, you’ll still be soaking in non-deforestation-causing bubbles.

Meanwhile, tigers whose rainforest homes remain untouched by the palm oil industry will be around to ring in the New Year with 2022!