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Plastic vs. Aluminum: Why We Made the Switch

by David Bass |

That row of half-empty body wash containers may look pretty when you arrange it according to the rainbow scheme, but they do more than just clutter up the edge of your tub. Plastic clutters our beaches and oceans too, and that’s not pretty. Yes, we know: you recycle. And that’s great! But did you know that plastic can only be recycled so many times before it ends up right back in a landfill?

It’s true. The process of recycling plastic is complicated. Each time plastic is processed for recycling, its basic molecules degrade a bit further, until it cannot be reused anymore. When a piece of plastic is remade for the final time and no longer recyclable, it simply becomes garbage. And we all know where garbage ends up.

Aluminum, on the other hand, can be recycled over and over without breaking down, which means it won’t eventually end up in a landfill, or on a beach, or clogging our Earth’s waterways.

That’s why Peet Bros. is making the switch. Our shea butter lotions, which are always 100% free of palm oil, will now come in packaging that is free of plastic. We’re switching to aluminum for our lotion bottles (and any other liquid) so that you can enjoy the skin-softening properties of our Shea butter without feeling guilty about using another piece of plastic.

We know you care about the environment. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to make it easier for you to care hard while you stay soft.