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The harvesting of palm oil is causing some real havoc on the environment.

It is the most commonly used vegetable oil and can be found in upwards of half of the packaged goods in the supermarket. It’s affordable and shelf stable, but the problem is that most palm oil is produced on plantations in an unsustainable and destructive manner, inflicting serious damage to our climate, the local ecosystem, and indigenous communities.

To make matters worse, the palm oil industry is a nasty one, wrought with lies and consumer deception.

Many plantations that produce “sustainable palm oil” have enabled deforestation and climate change, making certifications virtually meaningless. In our books, truly sustainable palm oil needs to be produced without contributing to deforestation, species extinction, high greenhouse gas emissions, and human rights violations. So far, the palm oil industry is failing our world, so we are taking the moral high ground and avoiding palm oil (and palm oil derivatives) all together with our 100% palm oil-free soaps and lotions.  

Sustainable palm oil is bullsh*t.

In 2004, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) was formed to promote the growth of environmentally friendly palm oil. 

But did you know that many plantations that are behind deforestation are certified as sustainable and are in partnership with the RSPO?

Plantations received the RSPO seal of approval as “sustainable” even though they were the cause of so much rainforest destruction. What the RSPO doesn’t outwardly tell you is that all deforestation prior to November 2005 doesn't even count against being sustainable.

Studies are finding that "eco-friendly" plantations are being destroyed faster than non-certified lands.  How is that even possible?

Read up on the palm problem.

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