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Feeling Like a Whole New You: Shea Butter Soap for Skin

by Michelle Schmidt |

Shea butter is a staple in many people’s skin care regimen. It moisturizes the body without leaving it feeling greasy and heavy like some other oils can do. But did you know that shea butter bar soap has many other benefits? Let's discuss the top reasons why this soap should be a part of your daily routine!

What is raw shea butter?

Raw Shea butter is made from a nut extracted from the African shea tree. It has been used for centuries to make cooking oils, soap bars, lotion and lip balms.

It was also traditionally used as an ingredient in deodorant and hair care products before it became more popular with people looking for natural alternatives that were free of allergens or chemicals!

Raw shea butter can be traced back hundreds of years when Africans cooked their food and cared for themselves using this amazing super-food they found growing on trees by their homes - now known today as shea nuts.

Shea Butter For Soap Making

It is a popular choice in a soap recipe because of its many benefits. The consistency and elasticity of raw shea butter, which come from the high level of natural fats found in this ingredient, allows it to provide a light base that will not dry  skin like other ingredients might do. 

What are the benefits of shea butter for the skin?

Shea bar soap is a luxurious way to keep your body and face soft, clean, moisturized and healthy. Skin care experts recommend this natural product for consumers who want the best in quality health-enhancing ingredients that are good for their body as well as pleasant on sensitive or dry skin types.

There are many benefits to using this soap for your beauty regimen including:

  • Shea nut butter
    Safe for all skin types
  • Moisturizing
  • Promotes healthy skin regeneration
  • Is non-comedogenic
  • may help prevent acne
  • Contains vitamins and antioxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Helps with eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
  • Antifungal
  • Helps remove dark spots and scars

This soap gives you all-natural options for boosting your beauty routine at home with it's all natural goodness!

Shea Butter Is Safe For All Skin Types

Raw shea butter is a natural substance that can be used to moisturize any skin type. It becomes an especially powerful ally for those with dry, cracked or sensitive skin because it's able to provide the necessary hydration without feeling greasy and thick like some other lotions do.

It has been shown in studies as being safe for all different skin types which makes this product perfect for the whole family!

Shea Butter Bar Soap Is Moisturizing

Because this soap is moisturizing, it is good for dry skin. It contains moisturizers like glycerin and vitamin E, which help your skin retain moisture.

Those who have oily or combination skin types may find coconut oil to be too heavy on their face, but shea soaps are lighter in composition and the butter absorbs into the skin without leaving it feeling greasy.

It Contains Vitamins And Antioxidants

Shea bar soap is an excellent exfoliant for skin because it contains Vitamin A, C and E which are known to provide numerous benefits. It also has antioxidants that help protect the skin from damaging free-radicals such as pollution or UV rays.

This soap is a great way to pamper your body. The natural, gentle ingredients are perfect for all sensitive types of skin and its vitamins offer antioxidants that can help you maintain healthy-looking, vibrant skin rather than dry it out or make it break out like other soaps.

This bar soap contains Vitamins and Antioxidants which has many benefits for the user's health including making their complexion more radiant with less acne breakouts when used on an everyday basis as well as helping moisturize even overly dried areas such as elbows or heels in short time frame without causing any oily residue left behind from using this luxurious product!

Shea Butter Soap Promotes Healthy Skin Regeneration

It's skin-loving properties have been praised by dermatologists for centuries, and one of its most notable benefits is the ability to promote healthy cell regeneration.

This soap is a must-have for anyone with dry and irritated skin. The deep moisturizing properties of raw shea butter combine beautifully with the antioxidant power of citrus oils to revitalize your complexion from top to bottom, giving you that healthy radiant glow we all crave!

Shea soap will hydrate even the most troubled or troublesome skin types by gently exfoliating away dead cells, revealing smooth fresh new ones in their place.

Shea Soap Is Non-Comedogenic

Shea bar soap is non-comedogenic soap, meaning it won't clog pores and cause blackheads.

This soap contains no harsh chemicals or ingredients that could strip your face of its natural oils, so you don't have to worry about dry patches when using this product!

This soap is designed specifically for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Non-comedogenic means that the soap will not clog pores and cause acne breakouts, which is a great benefit to those who suffer from occasional outbreaks.

It may help prevent acne

Many people who suffer from the occasional breakout are faced with an important decision: to buy their favorite soap or enjoy clearer skin? Some choose to go without because of concern over clogging pores; however, others would rather have blotches than dryness.

Raw Shea bar soap offers both by being non-comedogenic which means that even if your face gets slightly oily during the day, you won't get breakouts in response. It will gently cleanse away dirt and bacteria while still nourishing your fragile barrier layer below the surface.

Shea Butter Soap Is Anti-inflammatory

It has been used for centuries to help heal cuts, wounds and other skin irritations like rashes or burns because it's anti-inflammatory properties are so effective at reducing redness, swelling, pain and itching.

Its ability to provide long lasting moisture helps prevent cracking on dry patches as well!

It helps with eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis

This soap bar contains moisturizing fatty acids that can relieve the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.  It has been shown to be an effective topical treatment of eczema symptoms such as itching or dryness.

This is because it contains compounds that are anti-inflammatory agents - they reduce inflammation when applied topically on inflamed areas like your face or hands.

Shea Butter Soap Is Antifungal

The human skin is the largest organ in our body. It protects us from bacteria and other contaminants, but it's also a breeding ground for fungi such as yeast that can lead to problems like diaper rash, athlete's foot or dandruff.

Raw shea butter soap has been shown to be an effective antifungal agent thanks to its high vitamin A content which kills off candida albicans fungus without harming healthy cells nearby because of the gentle cleansing agents used.

This soap naturally repels fungi while promoting a healthy balance in the pH level and making sure that oils are never too dry or oily on the surface. 

Shea Butter helps remove dark spots and scars

Raw shea butter is a power player for skin healing. It helps remove dark spots and scars, making your complexion more even over time.

It changes the way that cells react to UV rays in our bodies. This change causes it to take longer before freckles develop into sunspots or age/acne marks turn darker with scarring, so you have less of these issues as they become lighter instead!

Not only will this give us softer skin but also help heal any damage done from past acne breakouts too.

Is Shea butter hypoallergenic?

For some people, it is hypoallergenic. Others find it can cause a reaction to the body that may be extreme for those who have tree nut allergies. Although studies have shown that unrefined shea butter has a very allergen response. It is always best to do a skin patch test before using this soap if you are concerned about having an allergic reaction.

What is the best shea butter bar soap?

Although there are many great options for shea soap on the market, our bar soaps are top of the line.  Peet Bros Shea Butter Bar Soap is made with 25% raw shea butter, which means you’ll be left with soft and supple skin.

It also has no palm oil, so it’s safe for those who are looking to avoid this ingredient. Our bars are naturally fragranced with essential oil blend and made with other natural and organic ingredients.

Available in Unscented, Coconut Vanilla, Argan & Sandalwood, Charcoal and African Black, this bar of soap is perfect for anyone who wants to feel clean and refreshed after showering or bathing.

You deserve the best in life – including the products you use on your body! With our Shea Butter Bar Soap, you can have a luxurious experience every time you bathe or shower.

The lather feels rich and creamy as it washes away dirt and impurities from your pores without stripping away natural oils like other soaps might do. And because we don't use any harsh chemicals in our formula, there's no need to worry about dryness or irritation afterwards either!

From moisturizing to acne prevention, raw shea bar soap for the body is one of the best natural remedies. And because it’s all-natural and safe for any type of skin, you can use it without worry that your sensitive or oily complexion will break out.

If you have psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis then this product may be a viable option as well since its anti-inflammatory properties help soothe these itching conditions. This bar soap also helps remove dark spots and scars with regular use. You won't need expensive beauty products again once you try our natural African shea butter soaps.