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Peet Bros Soap Investigates: What Do Corn and Palm Oil Have in Common?

by Agile Collaborator |

It’s the end of summer here at Peet Bros. soap HQ in Minnesota, which means sweet midwest corn costs less than 25 cents an ear and the smell of buttery roasted kernels is everywhere. Corn has been an economic and dietary staple since its cultivation by ancient Aztecs, whose entire empire can be traced back to the humble totopoca of popcorn. 

In the United States, corn production is subsidized, which is why corn -- for better or worse -- is in almost everything. 

Palm oil, in some ways, is the new corn. Like corn, palm oil is cheap. And, like corn, palm oil is found in a wide range of products, from biodiesel to gummy bears to shampoo. Both corn and palm oil are versatile cash crops that come with serious drawbacks. 

Environmental Harm

The land required to grow corn and palm oil is vast, leading the destruction of prairies and rain forests. The environmental consequences of this destruction is felt all over the world, whether we realize it or not. The effects of deforestation are felt most acutely by animal populations, which are declining as their habitats give way to cash crops. Prairie dogs lose out to corn, orangutans lose out to palm oil, and the world loses more biodiversity. 

It is In Everything

Like corn, palm oil has numerous uses. Because corn is cheap, it’s in all kinds of foods, including cheap products that offer little to no nutritional benefit. The same can be said of palm oil. Palm oil is in everything from chocolate to frozen pizza dough, but it’s not there to provide vital nutrients. It’s there so manufacturers can maximize their profits. 

Ending our global reliance on corn and palm oil could have numerous benefits, including restoration of natural habitats for endangered animals as well as cutting back on insalubrious food and beauty products. That's why we're committed to removing palm oil from all of our products. Most bar soaps use palm oil to keep costs low and profits high, at the expense of your skin and the rainforest. We think there's a better way. Check out Peet Bros. palm oil free soaps and lotions today!