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Can't Miss Destination for your Bali Vacation: Palm Oil Plantations?

by Allison Hunt |

BALI - INDONESIA Ever since you first saw Eat, Pray, Love, you’ve wanted to experience the magic of Bali. As you’re planning this trip of a lifetime (while sitting in the same couch indentation you’ve been stuck in since March) consider that no trip to Bali is complete without a tour of the exotic, ethereal place known as a palm oil plantation.

Why would you want to see a wild, lush rainforest when you could check out a vast, eerily-perfect grid of identical green palm fronds laced with smoke from nearby deforestation fires? Sure, rainforests have incredible birds and animals and all that, but are those things half as fascinating as machine-made precision of automated tillers?

Of course, there really is no point in going to a place like Bali unless you are prepared to take a bunch of pictures to put on Instagram. When taking photos of palm oil plantations, it is essential that you choose the right filter. Black-and-white or sepia-toned filters will only convey a sense of foreboding, especially on photos of scarred land where once stood majestic trees.

Instead, choose a filter that will make those neat rows of palm trees appear blindingly green so that no one will notice how creepy they are.

There are no souvenir stands at palm oil plantations, but don’t fret. Your hotel soap is probably full of palm oil.