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Our Story

by Eric W |

While traveling with his family off the coast of Thailand by boat, Jeff Breazeale noticed a thick smog that made it difficult to see distant islands. His tour guide explained that it was “burning season in Malaysia.” Palm oil producers were burning the tropical rainforest to clear land for their plantations. 

With a background in soapmaking and 75 years of family history in the business, Jeff knew that palm oil and its derivatives are used in almost all personal care products since it is cheap and plentiful. He returned home committed to creating a brand that didn't use any palm oil or palm derivatives. After three years of innovation, research, and product testing, Peet Brothers launched. 

In addition to eliminating environmentally destructive palm oil, our products are packaged in pre-consumer waste cardboard and infinitely recyclable aluminum, limiting plastic as much as possible. 

By limiting the demand for palm oil, we reduce the impact on tropical rainforests, plant and animal species, and the carbon sink -- a valuable check against climate change.