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The Benefits of Shampoo Bars: Simple and Reduces Waste

by Michelle Schmidt |

Did you know shampoo bars are an excellent alternative to shampoo in bottles? A shampoo bar is just as effective, but saves you money and reduces the amount of plastic waste in the environment. It's a win-win situation! 

What Is A Shampoo Bar

A shampoo bar is a long-lasting solid alternative to liquid shampoos. Often made with natural ingredients, it can be used on any type of hair and leaves it clean. Shampoo bars are often made from more natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals.

A shampoo bar can be an eco-friendly option for people who want to reduce their plastic usage by skipping bottled shampoo while still getting nice soft locks that smell great!

How Do Shampoo Bars Work

Shampoo bars can be used by rubbing them directly on your hair and scalp then massaging it out like you would from a bottle. Alternatively, you can also rub the bar in your hands to create a lather before applying to your hair. This ensures that you only use what you need without wasting product.

Are Shampoo Bars Good For Hair

Natural shampoo bars are the solution for those looking to switch up their hair care routine. These natural and innovative products help relieve dry, itchy scalp while providing great volume and luster!

Many shampoo bars typically contain essential oils along with other fresh ingredients that promote growth of healthy follicles, increase blood circulation by gently massaging the roots of your hair strands-allowing them to grow healthier than ever before. With gentle shampoo bars, not only do you get a clean feeling, but also weightless locks full of body as well!

How Many Washes Does a Shampoo Bar Last

Do you enjoy the convenience of shampoo bars but worry about when to buy a new one? Don't get discouraged with their longevity because they can last for months as long as they are kept in a dry place. And because they last about 80 to 100 washes per bar, that same amount of money could buy three bottles of liquid shampoo!

How is a Shampoo Bar Different From Soap

Although the ingredient list in a shampoo bar is similar to that of a natural soap bar, the formulation is quite different and made to produce a moisturizing lather without weighing the hair down and don't strip hair of its natural oils. Shampoo bars typically contain more fatty oils than soap bars and are often made with coconut or avocado oil. The shampoo bar's oils will moisturize the hair and scalp, making it easier to comb through after washing!

Pros and Cons of Shampoo Bars

Switching to shampoo bars has many great benefits, for the environment and your hair and scalp. Here are some of the main pros to making the switch to solid bar shampoo.

Better For The Environment

Switching over to shampoo bars can remove thousands of plastic bottles from landfills per year! The shampoo bar produces less trash than shampoo bottles, so it's a perfect option for those who are environmentally conscious.

Travel Friendly

Shampoo bars are perfect for people who are traveling because they are convenient to use. And because they are solid, there is no worries of them leaking in your suitcase or having to meet the 3 ounce liquid requirement in your carryon while going through airport security.

Great for All Hair Types

Shampoo bars with essential oils and other fresh ingredients can help relieve dry scalps, increase hair growth, improve damaged hair, create volume, and promote follicle health. In addition to these benefits that leave your scalp feeling clean without the heavy residue of traditional shampoos or conditioners, you'll also notice increased blood circulation in your head which leaves it full of life giving nutrients!

Long Lasting

The shampoo bar lasts up to 100 washes which means one shampoo bar can be the same as three bottles of liquid shampoos. That's a lot less money down the drain, plus shampoo bars last for months as long as they're kept in dry places.

Super Moisturizing

Shampoo bars typically contain shea butter, coconut or avocado oil, which will moisturize your scalp so it's easier to comb through after washing with a wet shampoo bar!

Disadvantages of Using Solid Shampoo Bars

Although there are many great benefits to switching to shampoo bars, there are some drawbacks that consumers should be aware of before making the switch.

Potential Waxy Buildup

Shampoo bars have a waxy consistency unlike that of bottled shampoos. The wax is created when saponified oils react with water, so one way to avoid this problem is to use an apple cider vinegar rinse once or twice weekly. Acidic ACV can cut the alkalinity of soap and remove any pesky hair coating caused by your shampoo bar!

May Cause Tangles

The process of rubbing a bar directly on your head can tangle individual strands, making it difficult for combing out later, especially for curly hair. To avoid this problem, rub the bar between your hands which creates a lather that you then apply using palms instead.

Choosing The Right Shampoo Bar For You

When deciding on shampoo bars, it's important to pick the right one that not only is great for your hair but fits your lifestyle needs as well.

Our Shampoo Bar is a revolutionary palm-free shampoo bar that goes anywhere you do. The aluminum flip top container ensures easy portability and can be recycled after use!

Peppermint Shampoo Bar - Peet Bros Palm Free

Get a deep clean and moisturizing shampoo experience with Peet Bros Shampoo Bar. Each bar is made from natural ingredients like coconut oil, which helps keep your hair healthy and strong by combating dryness or frizziness after washing it.

The Peppermint scent will leave you feeling invigorated while also relaxing the scalp to stimulate circulation for all-over head health!

Shampoo bars are a great alternative to traditional liquid shampoo because they are made with natural ingredients, last much longer than most shampoos that come in a plastic bottle, are eco friendly because they reduce plastic waste and are convenient for traveling. If you're looking for an affordable way to go green or want to try something new when it comes time to wash your hair then these bars are the perfect choice!