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Bar Soap Saver: 6 Reasons Why You Should Use One!

by Michelle Schmidt |

Do you want to prevent your bar soap from drying out and cracking? If so, then a soap saver bag is the perfect solution for your problem. A soap bar will last much longer when it's placed inside a soap saver. Not only does this help the environment by decreasing waste, but it also saves money!

What is a soap saver?

A soap saver bag is a bar soap container designed to prolong the life of soap bars. It is made from 100% natural sisal fibers from a Mexican agave plant and is machine washable.

This tool is designed to keep your soap bar together longer (no more little soap chunks when your bar is almost gone). It also prolongs the life of your soap because it prevents water from penetrating into the center, which makes it moldy and unsanitary! A bar will last longer if placed inside a sisal fiber bag as opposed to being left out on the side of the bathtub exposed to heat and cold air. This way, you can save money while saving our planet at the same time!

Our soap saver bags are made from 100% natural sisal fibers from the Mexican agave plant, making them a natural solution and a great exfoliator.

How do I use a soap saver?

Soap savers are easy to use. Simply place the bar of soap inside the soap saver bag and let it dry in a well-ventilated area.

You can also hang your bar from a string or ribbon attached to its top loop for ease of use!

When you want to use it, simply wet the bar with water. You can even cut up an old bar into smaller pieces before placing it inside a saver if needed. And voila, enjoy your new squeaky clean skin!

Who should be using a soap saver?

Anyone who wants their soap bars to last longer and reduce their reliance on plastic loofahs - our sisal fiber bag doubles as a scrubbing exfoliator. A little bit goes a long way when soaps are placed on this fantastic tool!

What is the difference between soap savers and a soap dish?

Soap savers allow air to circulate through the mesh material, making it more hygienic than a bar left in a dish. A bar of soap placed in a soap saver allows water to drain away from it, drying it out quickly after use.

Plus, they are effortless to use, making them perfect for kids' baths who may be too young to handle traditional bar soaps without dropping them everywhere!

Benefits of A Soap Saver Bag

Still not convinced? We've got you covered. Here are the top reasons why bar soap savers will change your life!

Saves you money

A soap saver bag can prolong the life of bar soap. Instead of discarding small slivers of soap that are too difficult to use on their own, place them in a soap saver bag to avoid waste.


Sisal fiber soap saver bags can replace your plastic loofah, minimizing environmental impact and keeping plastic out of the landfill.

This also prevents waste because it allows you to maximize your soap.

To top that off - there's no need for any harsh chemicals when cleaning or washing out these sisal fiber bags!

Perfect for kids baths

No more dropping bar soaps everywhere!

Kids have a tendency to drop bar soaps into the tub, making the surfaces slippery. This can be dangerous for young children who may slip and fall. With a soap saver bag, you don't have to worry about your bar soaps getting slippery or wet! Simply hang it up with its loop at the top, out of reach from little hands that could potentially drop it in.

Great for your skin!

Using bar soap savers helps prevent dry skin by keeping bar soaps moist and clean at all times! The sisal fiber material of the bag also sloughs off dead skin cells when you gently rub it in your skin, which further helps your bar soap bar do its job.

How to Choose A Soap Saver

Our eco-friendly soap saver bags are made from 100% natural sisal fibers that are gentle on skin and perfect to use with our Palm Oil Free Soap! Our Eco-friendly bags are made from sustainable materials and make switching from body wash soap bars easier than ever before.

Using bar soap savers is a great way to make bar soaps last longer while preventing mold, soap scum, and bacteria from forming.

Plus, these eco-friendly bags prolong the life of your soap by allowing you to use less each time! Who knew such simple items could be so beneficial?